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The Pet Friendly Traveler: The Pet Friendliest Destinations and Vacations - The Journey Begins...
Fuji TV News Network: The Ministry of the Environment and Fukushima Prefecture are conducting a pet rescue mission for pets that have been left behind during the Fukushima evacuation.New York City – Oscar winner Natalie Portman was seen being a responsible dog owner as she picks up after her adorable Yorkie, Whiz.Salt Lake City – A new ordinance to increase fines for unlicensed pets is proposed. Non-licensed pet owners will pay a $250 fine.Los Angeles -- Emmy Rossum, the beautiful ‘Shameless’ actress, flew from NY to LA with her dog, Cinnamon, a cute little Yorkie.
  • Bon, The Singing Dog

    Bon, a newly adopted dog, cruises down a desert road in an open Caddy singing along with his new owner. A short PSA for the Humane Society of Southern Arizona.

  • Tucson Padres' Bark in the Park

    Tucson Padres team up with the Humane Society of Southern Arizona and host "Bark in the Park". What a great way to spend an evening by going to the ballgame with the entire family -- including the furry, four-legged ones!

  • Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

    The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve exhibits the tallest sand dunes in North America. They are estimated to be 12,000 years old and rise 750 feet high, covering 19,000 acres.

  • N. Crestone Lake Trail

    A very dog friendly trail in the Rio Grande National Forest in Crestone, CO. It's a 6 mile hike up to the lake and the trail is beautifully maintained.

  • Joyful Journey Hot Springs

    Joyful Journey Hot Springs offers pet-friendly lodging in yurts and tipis. For day-trippers traveling with their dog, a kennel is provided on the premise.

  • Delectables - a pet friendly restaurant

    Gee! The pup gets whatever he wants at this dog friendly restaurant.
    533 N. 4th Avenue, Tucson AZ

  • The Pet Friendly Traveler goes to Tucson - Promo

    The Pet Friendly Traveler goes to Tucson - Promo.

  • Submit your favorite pet friendly location to The Pet Friendly Traveler

    Feature your favorite pet friendly city on The Pet Friendly Traveler.

  • The Pet Friendly Traveler series preview

    Watch a preview of The Pet Friendly Traveler pilot episode. TPFT's host, Kyra Batte, takes us on a pet friendly vacation in Tucson, AZ.

  • Pet Travel in The US

    The pet travel market is booming, with about $6 billion spent annually by the 30 million Americans who said they had traveled with their pets in the past three years. It’s no surprise that more and more places are welcoming furry travelers, who are very happy with this trend.

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The Journey Begins...

Welcome to the Pet Friendly Traveler, the first TV and internet show dedicated entirely to traveling with dogs -- and the occasional cat. As we embark -- emphasis on bark -- on a journey to the pet friendliest destinations in the country, we’ll be highlighting the top places to stay, dine, hike, stroll, and just hang out with the furry members of our family.

We’ll also show you reliable and fun places to leave them in case you need to go to a meeting or want to sneak off for a romantic interlude that doesn’t include sloppy kisses (other than the human kind).

In addition, we’ll offer tips on traveling with your pets, such as how to prevent carsickness -- something you might not have known pets were subject to. There’s nothing like having a dog puking in the back seat to ruin a vacation.

But we want your help. We’ll let you know when we’re planning to come to your city and we hope you’ll share the coolest, most pet friendly venues with our team, including places we might not expect pets to be allowed. We’ll highlight the best ones on our TV show and on our website.

Unfortunately, not all pets get to take vacation -- or even live in comfortable homes. In every city The Pet Friendly Traveler visits, we’re going to showcase a shelter, rescue or other organization that helps animals. We’ll need your assistance to find the ones doing the most interesting and creative things.

The first stop will be Tucson, Arizona, home to many members of the Pet Friendly Traveler cast and crew.

Stay tuned!